Головна / Vinnitsa

SPEСSPEKR Vinnitsa provides professional pest control services:

- disinfection (destruction of pathogens);
- pest control (control of creeping and flying insects);
- deratization (control of rodents);
- fumigation (phosphine treatment). 

In our work, we individually study the features of the facility and offer comprehensive solutions to sanitary and epidemiological problems, taking into account the HACCP requirements. For you we involve the experience of leading foreign, European companies in the field of pest control. In our team there are qualified specialists who constantly raise the level of their professionalism and introduce new technologies.

We guarantee high quality of work, full documentary support and flexible pricing policy and an individual approach, because each client is special for us. 

We invite to cooperation:

- objects of food trade (supermarkets, etc.);
- catering facilities (canteens, bars, cafes, restaurants);
- hotels, hostels;
- production facilities (factories, factories in the food-refining industry, livestock, poultry, etc.);
- objects of housing and communal services (apartments, houses, offices);
- warehouses and any others.

Waiting for your call
Natalia Nikolaevna 
Tel ‎+38 (068) 283-31-87 and ‎+38 (073) 472 35 84

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