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Rodent: goals, objects and performers.


Rodent extermination of rodents, which are sources or carriers of infectious diseases (plague, tularemia, leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, leptospirosis and others.) And cause economic damage. Rodent there: Fighter (A) and preventive (B). 


Rodent control rodent - a problem that people faced during most of its existence, from the moment when the first began to cultivate the land and keep the results of their work, while providing assistance rodent more favorable conditions and reducing the economic damage caused by rodents. And since, as the extermination of rodents have been brought under the scientific basis is now a special term for this process - disinfestation.


In Ukraine, disinfestation rat, comprehensive disinfection and subsequent control of rodents is performed not only sanitary and epidemiological stations, but many private services disinfestation, deratization offering enterprises. And many of them have not only such service as the final control - the prevention of the appearance of rodents, too, has an important place in the list of running services for the disinfestation and disinfestation.


Rodent rats involves a whole system of sanitary-hygienic and sanitary-technical, organizational and, of course, actually destructive measures aimed at reducing the number of rodents. Furthermore, it is by means of disinfection and disinfestation eliminated not the source of infection, but directly to the source of the infection.


Thus, disinfestation and disinfestation services provide a comprehensive disinfection and subsequent control rodents by using scientific methods prevent rodents. At the same services disinfestation and disinfestation are a must, to which each of us is faced at least once - because rodents are often undesirable neighbors just because they are one of the most common classes of mammals on the planet. And because the pests carry many dangerous infections, epidemiological safety provide rodent control and pest control, the prices of which can vary depending on what kind of disinfestation service provides a particular service. 


Rodent enterprises often is a prerequisite for their normal operation, as required embedded in the standard enterprise. Disinfection and disinfestation is necessary for the enterprises of agriculture and food industry are absolutely natural causes, since there is disinfection and disinfestation is necessary to avoid pests caused economic damage - in this case a preventive rodent control avoids the problem itself.


Rodent control enterprises require, as rodents are not only harmful to the enterprise - they are also the carriers of dangerous, and sometimes deadly diseases. Therefore, rodent disinfestation is necessary in order to avoid the spread of disease foci.


Rodent control: prevention and a complete extermination of rodents


"Spetsspektor" Ltd. provides comprehensive services for the extermination of rodents, peddlers infections. Rodent control in Kiev on the list of the most common services in the agricultural sector, as well as in the sphere of housing and communal services, food processing industry. We work on public facilities and areas and in enclosed spaces of any size. Mostly organize activities to become disinfestation stores, including food, location of sale, health care facilities, children's camps, elevators, ports, etc.


Our dezinstruktory ready to organize prevention and extermination deratization, depending on the customer's goals. Preventive disinfestation treatment implies a 35% of the total land area / room. As a rule, the prevention of objects from rodents is parallel disinfestation and disinfection. 



Fighter vermin control is a multi-layered process, which takes place in 4 stages. Namely:


  • determine the degree of complexity of the problem - a complete examination of the object on the subject of living in it rodents and insects (detect lesions to concentrations, assessment of sanitary condition of the premises);
  • to determine the most efficient and optimized for the customer's method of annihilation, choice of multiplicity of treatments;
  • organization of the process, the implementation of proper measures;
  • check-up territory that has undergone disinfestation.


If you need to eliminate rats, mice, voles, moles and other small rodents, as well as harmful insects - Service disinfestation of "Spetsspektr" offers services such as vermin and pest control, the prices of which will surprise you for their loyalty with consistently high quality of all work performed by disinfestation in Kiev.


We offer you deratization rats, as well as all the activities for the integrated disinfection and control of rodents. Not only directly control - infection prevention and produced quickly, efficiently and accurately at a sufficiently low price.


Rodent control - only of "Spetsspektr"!



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