Головна / Protection aganst moths

Protection from moths. Protection against food moths.


In nature, there are many species of insects, interfering comfortable living person and causing enormous economic damage. Among them, the mosquitoes and midges that can bite us, flies that carry dangerous infections, cockroaches - no less dangerous in terms of disease transfer.


But apart from these types of, there is another nasekomoe.- moles, practically hidden from our view, but very clearly leaves a trace on our clothes, carpets, tapestries, etc. It would seem all but moles have many subspecies that simple layman it may seem fantastic.


There are many species of moths - Fur, wardrobe, furniture, grain, rye, barley, cabbage, apple and so on. But most of them deliver a person in serious trouble, damaging clothes (even shoes and furniture) or food (particularly affected cereals and dried fruits).


If you want to get rid of moles in the apartment - with us 100% protection from moths (including protection against food moths) guaranteed.


Recently, in controlling these pests are becoming increasingly important new technologies and drugs. The newest equipment of the American company «Duna-fog» (USA), "IGEBA" (Germany) and high-performance products available from the company "Spetsspektor" allows you to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effective to combat the different types of insects - pests in all important areas human activity.


Protection from ordinary moles and protection against food moths with "SPETSSPEKTOR" - is:

  • safely

  • painlessly

  • fast.

How to get rid of moles in the apartment? The answer is simple - LLC "SPETSSPEKTOR"!


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