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Effective protection against ticks. Means of protection from ticks.


Ticks every year close to a person. It is for them no-hassle meal. Around the industrial centers with a high concentration of people mites mutate, becoming resistant to insecticides. And worst of all - already carry several viruses at the same time.


Recently, in controlling these pests are becoming increasingly important new technologies and drugs. The newest equipment of the American company «Duna-fog» (USA), "IGEBA" (Germany) and high-performance products available from the company "Spetsspektor" allows you to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effective to combat the different types of insects - pests in all important areas human activity.


Through the use of advanced high-performance insecticides, we guarantee fast relief from fleas and ticks. This means protection against ticks is sprayed with special gas guns, turning remedy with the help of strong pressure from ticks in fine dust, so that it penetrates into the most inaccessible places - so ensures effective protection against ticks for the long term.


We will provide all that is needed for processing from fleas and ticks - is enough to contact us by phone or leave the application on the site.


"SPETSSPEKTOR" LLC - protection against ticks for a long time!

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