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Protection against flies - Spetsspektor !


Our range of services for disinfection and pest control includes the processing of the flies. LLC "Spetsspektor" performs cleaning of flying insects in the premises for any purpose - warehouses, health care facilities, places of public catering, homes.


Through the use of modern high-quality equipment and materials we can guarantee fast and efficient destruction of flies, both indoors and on the open areas.


Protection from flies is easy for us in solving the problem through the use of the latest installations of the leading manufacturers of professional solutions for the treatment and disinfection. For high quality of their services and the organization of work in general, we use IGEBA equipment (Germany) and the Duna-fog (USA), which are highly demanded in the global construction equipment market for 30 years.


This high-quality aerosol generators actions that perfectly cope with the destruction of flying insects indoors. Destruction is carried out by exposing the flies to these specific insecticides that are contained in the liquid spray.


How is the protection from flies?


Before you start immediately the destruction of flies, our experts go to the site and, depending on its purpose, the degree of infection and other factors that determine how disinfestation, through which the flies protection will be carried out with maximum quality. After selecting a security method - the actual processing.


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