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Protection against bedbugs Kiev. Pest control of bedbugs - Spetsspektor.


Professional pest control of bedbugs has a significant advantage - it is much more effective and will help to get rid of parasites than the treatment of bed bugs such materials at hand, as steam, hot water, exposure to low temperatures (in winter) or even anti-bugs, which are sold in household stores . In addition, from the bugs with a special service protection corny convenient - in fact in this case, in the fight against bedbugs do not spoil things.


Bed bugs are pests of human health and animals. They settle in the interior, linen and more secluded areas (under the wallpaper, warm crevices, etc.) and lead a parasitic lifestyle, damaging property, and that is much worse health. Besides the fact that bedbugs bites are painful, they can become a cause of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. If your housing has become a place of bugs habitat, we are ready to rush to the rescue. Processing of bedbugs premises of various configuration and distribution is one of the foci of our services.


Professional pest control bedbugs is by far the most effective way to control these parasites, and treatment of bed bugs by using a highly effective tool against bedbugs be comprehensive - that is processed and the furniture and bed linen, and all the other furnishings.


At the same time protection against bugs we carried out by chemical means against bugs without harming family members or living animals indoors. That is, bedbugs processing is done by means of protection against bugs, intended for use in the home.


LLC "Spetsspektor" carries aerosol treatment facilities using specialized equipment - generators of hot and cold mist production Duna-fog and IGEBA, leading manufacturers of specialized equipment in the segment. Transparent aerosol cloud settles on the surface of the affected pest and its habitat. This is an effective method for the destruction of parasitic insects, which proves that our long-standing practice.


In general, any modern effective means of bed bugs does not cause substantial harm to a person but, nevertheless, with professional treatment to inhale drugs against bedbugs is undesirable.


We also offer this service, as a treatment for bedbugs in cars (where they are, unfortunately, also plant) - with us you can be sure that the applied means of protection against bedbugs will not damage the finish of your car. In this case, an effective remedy for bed bugs typically used the most gentle point method. And, of course, used for the treatment of car preparations against different bugs less pungent odor - which is important in the case of regular frequent use of a motor vehicle.


Also, there are some important features and the fight against bedbugs in those areas where it has to be very gentle - for example, in the nursery, where special treatment is absolutely necessary. In case of bugs in the children's first important to understand that the treatment should be subjected to special means all the rooms of an apartment or house. Then - after the primary treatment the child will need time to move to another room. Ideally, it is desirable to move the child at all for about two months - just in case, because children are sensitive to even the most sparing drugs.


"Spetsspektor" LLC quality and in the shortest possible time will save you from pests.

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