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Protection against ants Kiev. Pest ants.


Protection against ants often is a must event for almost any premises. And "thanks" to the fact that the level of survival of ants (especially in the more or less favorable environmental conditions) is quite compete with cockroaches, ants of protection - is a serious problem that is almost impossible to cope with folk remedies. And in general can not be - at the large enterprise, which is a must such a measure as a professional pest control ants.


And the more ants pest control is needed, if preventive measures are not carried out in principle.


Ants, have become cosmopolitan and settled as a result of transportation around the world, will cease to bear for you spread the threat of dysentery, typhoid, tuberculosis, and other infections, as well as the unpleasant sensation of discomfort in general, if you ask us. Processing of ants of any premises - this is one of the profiles of "Spetsspektor".


We guarantee professional assistance in the organization of the sanitary-epidemiological well-being in the room for any purpose - houses and apartments, kindergartens, warehouses, country cottages. In strict compliance with all environmental standards for using certified means we clean your accommodation from the ants.


LLC "Spetsspektor" works exclusively with specialized spray equipment of the American and German production - "IGEBA» and «Duna-fog». Generators hot and cold mist latest modular concepts enable us to handle any surface quality by securely applying disinfectants. High performance and flexibility of our technology enables us to provide adequate treatment facilities of different sizes.


In "Spetsspektor" LLC has everything you need for effective destruction of ants - highly qualified specialists, technical facilities, a wide arsenal of special preparations and all the necessary documentation for the implementation of this kind of services.

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