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Treatment of cockroaches. Means of protection from cockroaches.


Services Destruction of cockroaches enjoyed continued popularity, because self-treatment of cockroaches - troublesome and ineffective in professional cockroach extermination service will help to get rid of the parasites quickly and permanently. Such protection will be effective on cockroaches - because this insect has a high adaptability, and "grandfather" protection against cockroaches are often useless. Very often, turning to us, customers list are tried remedies against cockroaches, which, unfortunately, did not bring the desired effect. Further, the poisons used are usually toxic.


Cockroaches - synanthropic parasites that interact with humans and their housing, can become a cause of occurrence of bacteria and infectious diseases. To reduce the risk of infections related to hygiene and health, the fight against cockroaches becomes very efficient, based on new methods and technologies of processing facilities. "Spetsspektor" LLC provides a full range of services decontamination of cockroaches.


We know how to get rid of cockroaches, and have all the necessary resources for the complex processing facilities of any size and any complexity in the planning context.


In the arsenal of special equipment of our company - the newest aerosol equipment of American and German manufacturers «Duna-fog» and «IGEBA», which allow the use of the latest products from cockroaches and process each mm indoors. We use the equipment smaller and larger sizes for a variety of tasks - processing of cockroaches small rooms and foci of infection or large-scale projects (warehouses, garages, etc.).


If you need such a service as pest control cockroaches, Kiev - is the place where such services offer numerous services for the destruction of cockroaches. At the same time, you can turn to professionals - that is, to us.


All kinds of disinfection work at your service! We will help to destroy the pests:

  • in a private house or city apartment;

  • in a cafe, restaurant or shop;

  • in any production or warehouse.

  • The cost of our services is one of the lowest in the city.

  • How is the treatment of cockroaches and how to prepare for it?

To improve the efficiency of processing before your room will be our service cockroaches to provide proper services to destroy cockroaches, the arrival of the service for the destruction of cockroaches is ready.


So what should you do to prepare the room:


  • Perform general cleaning of all rooms, open access to all baseboards - it needs in all areas to push the furniture against the walls.

  • In the kitchen shelves and cabinets should be exempt from food and utensils - further products and dishes from the processing area should be removed.

  • "Inner" cabinet and upholstered furniture must also be free.

  • Please note that bed linen, clothes, soft toys, etc. are not subject to processing -.. They need to process their own (often simply wash).

  • All - we are waiting for the master!

Call the master to kill cockroaches, you can contact us by phone or leave the application on the site. Ask - and we are happy to answer any of your questions and help clarify the cost of the work in your particular case.


"Spetsspektor" Ltd. - your instant help in the fight against carriers of the bacteria. We provide high-quality processing of any premises quickly, thoroughly and beneficial for your budget.


Pest cockroaches Kiev - only of "SPETSSPEKTOR"!


Effective protection against cockroaches - please!

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