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Protection against fleas. The fight against fleas. Destruction of fleas.


Fleas are basically ruin the lives of our pets, but they can do much harm to man. This small insects without wings that feed on blood. Their bites are not too painful, much larger problems brings them to move, causing itching and causes itching.


But fleas are dangerous to others - they may be carriers of diseases, often quite serious, and so if your animal emerged fleas, you must immediately process it protection. Fleas can be picked up by other animals, or simply "schesat" on the street.


Protection against fleas is a major pest of services performed by LLC "SPETSSPEKTOR". At the same time the fight against fleas carried out equally for domestic and livestock buildings, and industrial premises and in open areas. That is, we do not just help get rid of fleas at home - we spend the destruction of fleas "on an industrial scale."


So, how to get rid of fleas and ticks?


Recently, in controlling these pests are becoming increasingly important new technologies and drugs.


The newest equipment of the American company «Duna-fog» (USA), "IGEBA" (Germany) and high-performance products available from the company "Spetsspektor" allows you to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effective to combat the different types of insects - pests in all important areas human activity.


First, let's remember that flea protection is carried out in a purely retracted room - as the protection against fleas carried by aerosol spray insecticides.


As mentioned above, today the prevention and control of fleas carried out not only by means of highly advanced products based on synthetic pyrethroids and using the latest equipment of the American company, which we have available to ensure the complete destruction of fleas.


Moreover, we apply various drugs - depending on the specifics of each case and the wishes of the customer.

Next, get rid of fleas at home easier than ever - just contact us and request a treatment room for fleas and ticks.

Processing time - half an hour, followed by 4-5 hours of airing. Everything is clear!


LLC "SPETSSPEKTOR" - a reliable and effective protection from fleas!


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