Головна / Protecting gardens

Protecting gardens - processing plants in the garden plots.


Garden Pests can often cause significant damage to garden plants, garden therefore protection against pests and diseases is essential. Meanwhile, garden protection, ironically, is the occupation that many neglect. Indeed, in a country house is usually plenty of other things to do, and garden treatment is not so important and urgent task - because now the plants seem relatively healthy. But the untimely protection of garden plants (if not its absence) can lead to very unfortunate consequences.


To facilitate the protection of plants and there are a variety of chemicals from garden pests - carried out with their help timely preventive treatment of the garden from pests (or fight against garden pests existing ones) to help protect your garden from these troubles.


If efforts to protect your garden from pests taken were unsuccessful - we offer professional protection for garden plants from pests by professional spray processing. This technology allows you to quickly and easily process plant of any height - like shrubs and trees. When the aerosol treatment using various insecticides contact action - drugs from garden pests that are toxic to a variety of harmful organisms, and because of the low concentration - safe for humans.


We offer a comprehensive approach in dealing with garden pests, namely:


  • processing plants, gardens, parks, forest parks from ticks (ticks treatment);

  • treatment of trees from the American white butterfly (processing from the American white butterfly);

  • processing of fruit trees of different species of butterflies: plodozherki, small butterfly, daily butterfly, etc. (Processing of butterflies)

  • Processing of various types of moth, including and from the arachnoid moth (processing of moths)

  • treatment of trees from different species of caterpillars (treatment of trees from the tracks);

  • processing plants from aphids and thrips;

  • processing of chestnut moth;

  • processing of gardens, gardening area, an open area of ​​ragweed (Ambrosia processing of)

Protect your garden and your territory - make its timely processing of pests!

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