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Bird control

Birds - beautiful animals, some of the best friends of man. But not in the case where various kinds of birds cause significant damage to buildings and buildings, advertising signs, architectural monuments, etc. The real threat of material damage from birds stands as before the food industry and to enterprises of any other kind of activity.


  • Birds carry infectious diseases; (grain or other products, including, legumes).
  • Bird droppings can cause damage to engineering structures, and any other property. Bird droppings contain acidic environment that can destroy coatings;
  • birds nest on power line poles cause fault lines that could lead to fires;
  • birds enter the closed premises: supermarkets, food processing facilities, industrial premises, underground - material damage and just create some inconvenience.


SPETSSPEKTOR company provides services for the control of birds, both inside and outside the premises. Work carried out by a variety of natural, non-chemical and chemical methods, tested and proven in the world. When working on bird control should take into account that each object is unique and requires a creative approach to solving problems.


Our specialists with willingness to help will leave your facility to find and implement the most optimal technology for the control of birds. Call us!



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