Annual Training

And again we come together to improve our skills and provide the best pest control services

The training program was such

The model of a new agreement. Critical Points and Their Importance
Formulation selection for safe and effective insecticidal treatment
Insecticides used by professionals: inorganic, botanical, synthetic organic, other work with clients: the formation of correct expectations, profitable service, add-ons (additional services)
Pest control in a food safety management system
Fumigation from A to Z:
infection assessment, location, dose / concentration calculation, sealing, fumigation safety measures, PH3 risks and emergency response, workplace air safety monitoring, concentration monitoring during fumigation, conclusion on effective or failed fumigation, top-up, RPM, degassing, decontamination, granting permission to use the premises, documentation on fumigation ...
Interesting situations in pest control
(Acarus siro; ground beetles / ground beetles Harpalus sp.; Train DS, the history of one client or how to lose a client, the history of another client or how to grow, new funds register


Topics with invited speakers were also considered.

Self-motivation: how to get more pleasure from work and life;

Why we are in conflict
How to prevent conflicts and how to get out of them


We are growing! Already more than 35 members of our large family gathered for training in search of new knowledge

This is the first time that we are so carried away by the training process, we forgot to take a general photo :))))

See you soon!










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