7 Июня '18

4-th internal training for the group of SPECSPEKTR companies

And again, a rich, useful, interesting and entertaining fourth internal training for the group of SPECSPESTR companies was held
This time we discussed such topics:
1. Where we are, what our financial indicators are and where we are going - discussed together with Anna Holostova
2. How are things at our branches?
3. New generation PCO, Pesticide application technology, Insecticide application in the form of a liquid (nozzles, fine/coarse spray, pin stream, crack & crevice, nozzles of cold and hot fog generators, nozzle flow rate, spray swath, nozzle wear, droplets characteristics: droplet size, VMD, NMD, droplet movement, surface contact and coverage, runoff, aerosol); Application of insecticide in the form of solid particles - dust; Transfer of toxic dose (insecticide and contact by the pest, transfer of toxic residue: pest weight and microcapsules, walking and running, cleaning, air transfer, horizontal and vertical transfer, secondary transfer); Treatments and their economics: crack & crevice, aerosol, dusting, spraying, insecticidal gel; Nuances of monitoring traps usage - speaker Goncharenko Valentyn 

4. Trend analysis. Analysis, statistics, the importance of the data obtained (examples of design, analysis of trends (contour maps), statistical reports) - Trofymchuk Serhii spoke about it
5. Pest birds (Passer domesticus (sparrows), Columbia livia (pigeons)), their habits and biology, methods/means of control (2.10.7. + 6. IPM) - spoke Sergey Antonenko
6. The correct way of designing commercial proposals and participating in tenders - Tatyana Grytsenko taught us
7. The topic of Dmytro Mishchanynets' report - Norway rat Rattus norvegicus. Biology. Features of behavior and control. Interesting Facts. Risk Assessment of the object colonization by rodents (Norway rat) (according to Rylnikov)


8. Peculiarities of biology and flea control - shared by Pavelko Vitalii and Davygora Oleksandr
9. Legal aspects of pest control business in Ukraine - educated by lawyer Chornovil Andrii

The training provided a "Klondike" of useful information, we learned a lot, played interesting team-building games and got to know each other better.

After a rich training program, a pleasant and very useful surprise was waiting for everyone - pest control books!
And at the end of the official part - shish kebab, poker, billiards and pleasant communication)








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