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Spetspectr has become an official distributor of Syngenta

This year, Specspectr became the official distributor of Syngenta, the world's leading manufacturer of pest control products.



Now, at wholesale and retail prices you can buy such professional pest control products as:


- Advion - gel from cockroaches (d / r 6 g / kg Indoxacarb). Advion is an extremely high quality and effective product. The new active ingredient - indoxacarb - makes this gel a product of class IV hazardous substances, ie, low risk. In fact, the gel becomes toxic inside the insect: indoxacarb interacts with enzymes that change its structure and make it toxic.

- Demand 10 CS, hp - microencapsulated suspension from a wide range of pests (d / r 100 g / l Lambda-cyhalothrin). Demand is a microencapsulated drug with a wide range of action, which is scarce on the market. Given the formulation, the active substance, the low toxicity and the rate of consumption should be evaluated by pest control practices.


- Coupon RB, etc. - rodenticide in the form of granules and briquettes (d / r 0.05 g / kg Brodifakum). Coupon is a low-cost and effective anticoagulant rodenticide. For the death of a rodent, only 5% of the usual daily amount containing the lethal dose of the active substance is enough: 1.3 g for the average rat or 0.2 g for a mouse.

Each of Syngenta's products: Demand, Coupon, Advion qualitatively carries out the functions, possesses the interesting features (Demand microcapsules, the coupon formulation, Adion's bioactivation).


These tools have proven their effectiveness both around the world and in Ukraine - including according to our personal experience of use in professional activity of pest control - pest control.
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