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4 Апреля '18

«Killgerm» training seminar

On March 28, 2018 in Krakow, the Speсspector team took part in a workshop organized by the largest European supplier / distributor of pest control goods (including training, training, etc.) and tools (monitoring, control, additional) -  Killgerm.

In addition to the main part of the seminar - information (emergence of resistance to pests, pheromone peculiarities, practical aspects of pest control, bioactivation, a new non-toxic effective technology for controlling insect pests, etc.),  the event was extremely interesting and useful for our professional improvement

The organizers also provided an exhibition of goods and equipment for pest control purposes.

We saw the presentation of old-good fundamental decisions in the field of pest control, as well as progressive innovations, which in the near future claim to launch / introduce revolutionary changes!

Such a non-toxic that quickly product immobilizes pests and makes them die.

In general, the workshop has become a valuable source for a simple understanding of complex things in the context of a congestion and for further confident development of Specspectr.

Until next time.


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