Disinfection from COVID-19

Due to the current situation in Ukraine and the world with COVID-19 (coronavirus infection), a number of regulations and щrders at the government level are recommended to comply with quarantine measures, one of which is disinfection. Alcohol-containing disinfectants have proven effective in destroying the virus on any surface. However, wiping disinfection during cleaning does not always allow cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces that are frequently touched, so it is not effective enough to combat COVID-19.


In view of the above, Specspectr has launched a large-scale campaign for comprehensive disinfection against COVID-19 (coronavirus).


Where we disinfect:

* apartments, private houses
* supermarkets, grocery stores, markets
* pharmacies
* production premises
* office premises
* vehicles
* Hospitals, clinics, hospitals
* utility companies and others.


Method: Aerosol disinfection and spraying method, which allows the premises to be treated within a short period of time and made available.


With what: disinfectants that are effective against most bacteria, viruses (including coronaviruses) and pathogens of particularly dangerous diseases. Disinfectants are authorized for use in Ukraine and have all the necessary permits.


Disinfection takes about 30 minutes. - 1 hour (depending on area). Before processing, it is necessary to close windows, window frames, etc., to protect electrical equipment. During disinfection it is forbidden to stay in the premises of persons who are not directly related to its carrying out. It is forbidden to enter the treated area (exposure) within 1 hour after the end of disinfection. Some modern disinfectants do not necessarily require their washing off surfaces (tables, work surfaces, etc.) after treatment.


All those wishing to undertake comprehensive disinfection activities are asked to call (067) 444 04 58 or LEAVE AN APPLICATION.


We will be glad to cooperate with you, wish all of us patience and health at this difficult time

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