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The heat treatment

Heat treatment of wood packaging material, the marker application, issue a quarantine certificate.


Our company provides services to special treatment of wood packaging material. We provide full training wooden containers for shipping and transportation of exported goods. This procedure is required under the foreign economic activity, and governed by an international standard number ISPM 15 (International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No.15). Generally speaking, it involves a complete disinfection of wood, then applied spike on pallets, shelves, boxes, etc. (Professionalism, indicating IPPC stamp in the form of spikelets). "KOLOSOK" is a kind of certificate of conformity - it is applied with an indication of the individual number, country of origin and method of decontamination. When you export any wood packaging must be labeled in accordance with the phytosanitary requirements, different customs clearance will be impossible.


Heat treatment of pallets and other wood packaging material is one of the key services "Spetsspektor" LLC. This thermal treatment is most effective for disinfection of wood from pests and parasites of different nature. We heat the wood in a special heat chamber. wood core temperature heats up to 70 ° C and held for 60 minutes. After we put a marker on the pallets (IPPC UA 1118 DB-HT).


Heat treatment of wood packaging material


LLC "Spetsspektr" has the right to conduct a specialized heat treatment of wood packaging material in accordance:


  • the order of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine №731 from 22.12.2005
  • requirements of the international standard for phytosanitary measures
  • requirements of the international standard for phytosanitary measures number 15 (ISPM).



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