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Fumigation: goals, objects, performers.


Fumigation (from the Latin fumigare -. Fumigate, smoke). Fumigation is a type of pest control is aimed at the destruction of insects, including quarantine pests, by poisoning them with toxic vapors or gases (fumigants).


Fumigation of LLC "Spetsspektr"


In carrying out fumigation, the company OOO "Spetsspektr" uses highly efficient drugs (fumigants), which as a gas diffusing single molecules and penetrate into the fumigated material over long distances. This property fumigants achieved 100% efficiency, while the technology of high-quality preparations and fumigation work.


Fumigation: venue


So, OOO "Spetsspektr" offers such services of fumigation, such as:


  • fumigation cargo (grain or other products, including, legumes). Fumigation of cargo of this kind has its own characteristics due to the high requirements of tightness object in which the cargo fumigant. Therefore, this type of fumigation of goods produced with pre-sealed object or mandatory shelter directly load a gas-tight material.
  • fumigation of unused space. For example, the fumigation of premises, warehouses, hangars, silos agriculture. Produced before loading them into the product.
  • fumigation of wagons. Fumigation of cargo wagons with grain or plant material can be carried out en route. With this method of fumigation cars fumigant is injected using special probes through the roof, the car is sealed.
  • fumigation of grain elevators. Typically silos fumigation performed as one of a common set of procedures for pest control measures.
  • container fumigation. One of the most important cargo safety conditions during transport it is fumigated containers. Efficiency and container fumigation method generally depends on the nature of the type of load and the product itself.


The efficiency with which was produced fumigation is monitored by measuring levels of phosphine fumigation production and recognizes the effective or not, respectively. 


Typically, fumigation services are produced with the help of bookmarks fumigant (a drug that releases dangerous gas when in contact with air - phosphine). This drug is the drug of first class of danger, so during the fumigation is necessary to observe the increased precautions. 


Order services of fumigation: cargo ship, cars, elevators, containers can be right now, call us at the office on the phone -



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