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Pest: goals, objects and performers


Pest control - measures to combat insects that can be pests and carriers of dangerous and especially dangerous communicable diseases.


Pest control: prevention and a complete extermination of insects


Disinsection, unfortunately, usually is a necessity not only for enterprises, but also in private apartments, as pest control - this salvation is not so much of themselves pests (although this aspect of the accounts, of course, do not discount), but on all sorts of infections spread by insects. In the fight against "infringers of sanitary-hygienic regime," the main means - is vermin and pest control, the prices of which are available. Rodent and pest control (the prices of which vary greatly from the quality of services provided) and held for private buildings and industrial facilities.


Destruction of insects in an industrial installation - for example, the agricultural or food processing company, which urgently needs a comprehensive disinfection - a set of measures and activities (disinfestation services) to be carried out all year round. 


In any case, we can say with certainty that the pest control - it is an effective and reliable solution to the problem of unwanted insects, as well as control of pests in the future.


Disinfestation services involve not only the destruction of insects harmful to human health, but also a comprehensive disinfection of all premises, providing further control of insect pests, preventing their occurrence in the area disinfected. It is also recommended preventive pest control in those areas which are at risk of unwanted insects - in this case the pest control service requires significantly less space on the holding costs.


Pest control is a necessary procedure in the fight against synanthropic insects - pests and disease vectors. It is considered a comprehensive and unique approach to the current problem of disinfecting and sanitizing facilities. 


One of the many services "SPETSSPEKTR" is a pest control company warehouses. We provide services at the facilities of any destination in the city and the region. Our clients are companies and organizations involved in housing and communal services, trade, food industry, education, health and culture, catering, etc. Our customer can become any organization - from TB dispensary to kindergarten and office. 


We perform disinfestation for the prevention or full decontamination, the territory of the insects.


The complex of preventive measures aimed at preventing the emergence and spread of synanthropic insects. Work is carried out without stopping the process. For the organization of preventive measures of "SPETSSPEKTR" uses insecticides contact-intestinal action - it is harmless to human health gels, use of which is approved by the certifying bodies. Insecticides applied to the external and internal surfaces which are hidden from the eyes. 


Complete decontamination requires a set of destructive activities carried out by a special spray equipment. Thus, treatment of the insect passes aerosol method that allows you to cover a surface area of ​​any size, to penetrate into the holes and difficult places (communication, ventilation). Innovative solutions in the field of solutions, as well as high quality and manufacturability of our generators allows you to perform disinfestation without noticeable discomfort - during the procedure and its results do not appear odors and stains; interior and exterior are not subject to any influence. 


Disinsection conducted by highly dezinstruktory and inspectors who can be trusted with the destruction of fleas, ticks, bedbugs, cockroaches, and other commensal insects that spoil your living conditions. In "SPETSSPEKTR" LLC have all the necessary knowledge and accompanying skills to the competent organization of the decontamination process.



If you need disinfestation apartments Kiev is quite a big city to find a large number of companies offering this service as pest control cockroaches and other insects. But if you remember high adaptive capacities of these pests, it becomes clear that not every company delousing (disinfestation or service) will be able to produce such a service, as the insect pest control (and especially preventive pest control) of sufficient quality. For pest control service facilities are exactly those services where it is necessary to constantly update the methodology of the work.


Moreover, such a service as pest control cockroaches and other pests, our company disinfestation (delousing Service) performs solely with a personal touch to the sanitary-epidemiological situation of each particular room. And, of course, insect pest control is carried out only with the guarantee of efficiency and quality of the drugs used. Disinsection "SPETSSPEKTR" LLC made only with certified and approved for use Ukrainian Ministry of Health medicines.


We offer a wide range of services and disinfestation, which includes not only the above-mentioned services, but also the general disinfection. Details - on the other, relevant, our site.



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