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Due to the current situation in Ukraine and the world with COVID-19 (coronavirus infection), a number of regulations and orders at the government level are recommended to comply with quarantine measures, one of which is disinfection. We offer you disinfection with modern disinfectants that have proven effective in destroying the virus in any premises. The service is provided in ALL regions of Ukraine. To order and clarify details go to the CONTACTS  or  SUBMIT APPLICATION



Disinfection by LLC "SPETSSPEKTR"


Disinfection of rooms in Kiev - one of the core services of our company. We disinfect all objects (objects of trade premises, food, hospitals, etc.) modern disinfectants, using high-performance technology. Special aerosol equipment, spraying disinfectants in the form of fine suspended matter (fog), allows you to disinfect inaccessible areas, getting into the vents, communication, cracks, etc.


Pomescheniy- Disinfection is the destruction of pathogens, bacteria and viruses on the way from the source of infection for susceptible organism to prevent the transmission mechanism (Academician LV Gromashevskiy).

Used disinfection of the premises of three types.

Preventive disinfection of premises


Preventive disinfection of premises - carried out in the absence of the source of infection. Many of its value in the fact that the source of infection are not always diagnosed in time and remaining undetected, release of infectious agents into the environment. 


Disinfection napredpriyatii it has a number of its features, because of which only a professional can be done. And above all it is - mandatory preventive disinfection of premises. Carrying out this type of disinfection is necessary for one simple reason - often disease-causing organisms and dangerous "invisible" - that is, inaccessible to perception. Preventive disinfection - a complete disinfection, avoids infections. And, of course, the disinfection of the company is necessary in order to avoid mass infection. Therefore, usually disinfected enterprises produce mandatory.


Preventive disinfection of premises enterprises to avoid the appearance of any pathogens, and in particular for preventive disinfection of premises you are guaranteed to get rid of the possible occurrence of any infections pathogens - bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. It preventive disinfection helps to avoid outbreaks of dangerous infections, viral respiratory infections and gastrointestinal infections - and thus, with the help of preventive disinfection (ie, comprehensive disinfection of all premises) solves the problem of the instability of the human factor in the company. Also, do not forget that preventive disinfection should be carried out with sufficient regularity. 



Current disinfection of premises

Current disinfection - disinfection is items that are in the immediate vicinity of the patient or bacteria carriers (in the foci of infection). It is held once during the stay in it the source of infection in order to prevent the spread of the infectious agent in the external environment.



The final disinfection of premises

The final disinfection of premises - is the destruction of infectious agents in the hearth, after removing it from the source of infection. It is held one day after the isolation of infectious patient hospitalization.



Disinfection measures are carried out:


  • on food trade facilities (markets, supermarkets, etc.);
  • public catering facilities (canteens, bars, cafés and restaurants);
  • in hotels, hostels; - In vehicles (cars, w / d, air, sea transport);
  • in production facilities (factories in pischepererabativayuschey industry, animal husbandry, poultry, etc.);
  • in health facilities (health care facilities), sanatoriums, dispensaries, children's camps;
  • on medical facilities (clinics, hospitals, clinics, hospital, TB dispensaries);
  • on educational and cultural facilities (det.sad, schools, universities, libraries, etc.);
  • on the objects of housing and communal services (apartments, houses, offices);
  • in warehouses;
  • more.





SPETSSPEKTR The company provides a full range of services for cleaning swimming pools, disinfection, disinfection of premises, disinfection of apartments, Disinfection in the company, disinfection and disinfestation, disinfection systems.



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