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To help our customers, the company SPETSSPEKTR by leading entomologists Ukraine and other specialized professionals conducting entomological expertise.


Entomological expertise lies in the study of morphological and anatomical features of the different organs and tissues of insects considering staging their seasonal development, the character of damage caused by them, and so on. 


Our aim to answer the following questions:
- Does nassekomye in the studied products and any kind;
- The insects are at some stage of the life cycle;
- In any season, there was an infection;
- Options for how the infection occurred.


The object of research entomological expertise are:
- Insect eggs;
- Larvae;
- Pupa;
- Adult flies;
- Parts of the insect;
- The bodies of living creatures and their parts.


Determining the type of insect is the first step to determine successful strategies to combat them. Carrying out entomological expertise helps to define the method of pest control concentration of the insecticide used and the duration of exposure.


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